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SteveD2 Regular Visitor
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Move Power BI beyond Insights to a Strategy, Objectives and Plans Document

Hi Community, I'm looking for some direction on how to proceed with using the insights created from a Power BI model into a Strategy, Objectives and Planning Document (probably Excel based) which then serves as a source to a data set which is used by another Power BI report to present outcomes of planning.


Where I'm finding difficulty, is getting my head around is how Flows and Power Apps can provide the solution I'm looking for. The requirements from this exercise are (assume the document to be in Excel),

1. Draw relevant views of data from Power BI into Excel... this serves as the foundation of the soundness of the strategy or Plan and is a standard presentation of market conditions and a client's current performance. I think this can be done either through Analyse with Excel or a summary Power Pivot table from the original data tables.

2. Each document represents the strategy, plans and outcomes for a single client and will have input panels (forms?) which will trap entries of Strategy, Objective, Start Date, Completion Date, Plan Name, Plan Step, Plan Start, Plan Finish, Plan outcome. 

3. Documents will then serve as a data source for a Power BI report... this, I imagine, will be a standard ETL scenario.

Is this doable? And, is Flow and Power Apps the way to proceed or are there other suggestions?