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filled map

I am trying to create a Filled Map using Zip Code for the entire US based on Territories that are ranked.  I am only able to get a small part of the Northeast to map and then it tells me that there are "Too many values. Not showing all data. Filter data or choose another field."


I need to show data for all of the US.  Why will not let me use more than a handfull of Zip Codes.

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Super User IV

This has been a reoccuring complaint with the visualizations in Power BI. If you used another visualization like Tree Map, Pie, etc. you would also likely see that little yellow exclamation mark. To my knowledge, there is currently no work-a-round to this but I know it has been listed in Ideas and been a frequent complaint here so I would have to imagine it is being worked on.


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The expectation is that you would use data at a coarser granularity with drill down to finer levels of detail. Thus when mapping the country level, you should aggregate to states, and then to zoom in to see zip code level details, you can double click on a state and see the individual zip codes.




They really do need to open this up from the small set they allow now to a much broader set of values.  For Lats/Longs I had to trim my coordinates to a tenth of a decimal point and that helped out a good deal but obviously won't help with your zip codes at all.  Try to put some slicers on your page that people can filter down to a smaller subset of data for now - something like date or product - things like that to shrink the return set.

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How many zipcodes are you trying to plot? You mentioned more than a handful. USA has 40000+ zip codes . Are you trying with all 40K+?


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I am receiving an error when attempting to load zipcodes using the Filled Map. The error states:

Too many values

Too many 'Postal Code' values.  Not displaying all data. Filter data or choose another field


I receive this error when loading from a database or an Excel file.  The Excel file only has approximately 43,000 rows

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