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Sum of values of different categories

Dear all, 


I'm new to Power BI/Dax in general so apologize if this might seems obvoious but I couldn't manage to find a way to do it.


I'm working with data related to stock.  We have some final products which experience some processes from the raw material to the end, so it is possible to find different stocks of a product in every stage (they are considered as different products, although all of them depend on the final product).  What I want to know is the quantity of items we have in stock for each product filtering by customer.


As you can see, I am already calculating the stock we have of final products, but the rest of processes are showing us stock 0.


We have the following related data:

- Stockeuroal (warehouse 1)

- StockTotales (warehouse 2)

- Maestro_Ref (the categories of each code)

- PT (the structure; codes for the products related to the final product while are being processed)




Table PTTable PT

Table Maestro_RefTable Maestro_RefTable StockTable Stock

In order to know the stock por each process, we have calculated some measures:

Stock_PT = CALCULATE(SUM(StockTotales[Stock])+SUM(StockEuroal[Stock]), FILTER(Maestro_Ref, Maestro_Ref[Atributo] = "Ref_PT"))+0
Stock_PC2 = CALCULATE(SUM(StockTotales[Stock])+SUM(StockEuroal[Stock]), FILTER(Maestro_Ref, Maestro_Ref[Atributo] = "Ref_Pcurso2"))+0
Thanks in advance
Super User
Super User

your data model is inside out.  Reference tables are dimensions and need to be on the outside of the model.  your stock values are facts and need to be at the center of the data model.  Also, your components do not depend on the final product - the final product depends on the components.

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