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September Update: DrillThrough Back button is not working

Hello All,


I have updated my powerbi desktop september update.


This month they have really came up with something very interesting and most wanted feature.


But i think it has some cons also.


We can drill through other pages with only the columns that we have used in charts or visuals.


What actually i thought is, If we are using any slicers, the values which we choose from the slicer, it can be filtered through all the rest of pages. But it is not.




Its getting better and better everymonth.


But when i use drillthrough option to drill on other pages, they have provided back button.


But it is not working i think. here in comments one person mentioned that it is too slow.


I have waited for almost 1 hour to check that whether its really working or not.

But no luck.


Any one faced this problem with new update.


Any help


Mohan V




The back button issue should can be fixed in next week.


Best Regards,

so i'm having some issues with the drillthrough filter
first after putting on the drill through on power bi desktop and publishing, it doesn't work, you still need to put on the drill through on the power bi service.
now after putting on the drill through filter on the power bi service, everytime you leave the report page and come back to it, the filter goes off. and you have to keep putting it on every single time which is quite annoying.
is there a way around this?
second when you pin to dashboard ,the drill through doesn't work. meaning it only works on the report page
it only works kinda well on the desktop but what's the point on the desktop when i need to show it to someone after publishing.
it's quite annoying, is there a way work around this?

The drillthrough back button is no longer working in published reports. Please advise.

Resolver I
Resolver I

if you are in power bi service or desktop, use ctrl + click

if you are using publish to web just click back button


hopefully they can also create button for "Main Report" instead of clicking multiple back to go previous. (if you create multiple drilldown)

If you use CTRL+CLICK then it will work.Other Wise won't work

Regular Visitor


Yes, to click back it is necessary to push Ctrl button.


Also about the other question. There is a way to use a Slicer as a Drillthrough launcher. If you select the slicer and go to "Data/Drill" menu on top, there is a new button to make it "drillthrough". Watch the image 



But...there is a problem, when I click and go to the drillthrough page, and then come back, this option has been deactivated automatically and I have to click the button to make the slicer a drillthrough launcher again...I think it might be a bug.


I hope some PBI stuff could confirm this issue.


Best regards!


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@AlvaroCarmona wow this is cool.


I just tried this one. And yes, as you said when i returned to previous page that option will be disabled.


One more thing that i have observed is, this option is not availbale at powerbi service level. 


@AlvaroCarmona have you checked this?. 


Am i missing anythig here. Is it availbale at service level.?



I have tested it on my local environment, we can reproduce this issue. We need to Ctrl+Click on this back button to back to previous page. The expected result should be:
When you click this button in reading mode or ctrl+click on this button in editing mode, you will be taken back to the page you were on before.


I have report this issue internally, I will post here if there are any updates.



Charlie Liao

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@v-caliao-msft thank for the reply.


Please dont forget to update if you come up with a solution for this.


And also please look in to the DrillThrough option for slicer as i mentioned above one of the reply.


It is not working at service level.



Mohan V

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@v-caliao-msft @rommel20 @AlvaroCarmona @GilbertQ @bajee


I jus found that the drillthrough feature for slicer is also availbale at service level.

But there are some complications are there.


You have to choose the slicer(not the value from slicer)Capture.JPG



Once you select the slicer, on top line in EXPLORE Options DRILLTHOUGH option will be enabled.

then you have to check that drillthough option.

Once you check that, go and choose the value from slicer and drillthrough another page.


But the problem is once we did the drillthrough on other page, we need to go back and choose another value from slicer and again we have to do the same as above. but we can choose another value from the slicer in that page itself.


I think @v-caliao-msft will come up with a solution for this soon



Mohan V

Resolver III
Resolver III

Yes,I have tried but iam also abserverd same problem

Hi @bajee


I have just tried it on my own Power BI Tenant and a customers BI Tenant where I implemented the change and it works perfectly for me.

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I jus find out myself that the Cntrl+Click on that back button will works.:):)

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Nice! Lol

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