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Panels do not display data

Good afternoon everyone,

We have some panels that are not displaying the data, when clicking on the details we receive the message:


Users who have published new workbooks or reports with datasets pointing to existing SharePoint data sources, will not be able to set credentials for that data source. Engineers have identified the issue and are being prepared for deployment. Next Update: 12/14/2016 18:30 PST

Users with Direct Query datasets for which they have defined defined columns and then measures using those calculated columns will experience errors for any visuals using those measures. Engineers have validated the fix and are preparing to deploy it to affected environments. Next update: 12/19/2016 09:30 PST

A small number of users may experience error when attempting to publish new content to Power BI. Retrying the publish will probably succeed. Engineers are aware of the issue and are preparing to fix. Next update: 12/14/2016 15:30 PST.


Would anyone know what this might be?

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Re: Panels do not display data

Hi @ricardo_cvo,

According to your description, what's the panels? Do you import the data from sharepoint?

I am not reproduce the scenario, could you please post more details or snapshot for further analysis?

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