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Issues with Values once data is loaded



I am having issues getting my table in PowerBI to properly showcase sum of values in one of my columns. I have compared the values in Excel (pivot table) and python which these tools are matching but once I load the source file into PowerBI one of the column's values is incorrect.


A little background into my source file, it is a little over 5 million rows, 16 columns, and is around 502 mb.


The column I am looking at is 'Media Cost'




This is my expected values from the source file. I used Excel's pivot table to see what I should be expecting. The column I am looking at 'Media Cost'




I also looked at this data in python pandas to see if my values match and see if there is anything off in terms of rows. I am getting the expected values from my source file as confirmed by excel.




Here is what my table looks like once I load my source file into Powerbi, you can see 'Media Cost' being significantly different while 'Impressions' matches exactly. 'Media Cost' is not a calculated field.



Can someone help me troubleshoot what went wrong? My initial thought was a load issue, I tested out encoding 'utf_8', checking to see if any rows were missing (there are not), 'Media Cost' data types (none of that made a difference). I also have no filters on. Its weird that 'impressions' is correct but 'Media Cost' is not.



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Super User

Hi @ekimfusion92 ,


Have you checked the type of summarization on the visualization for the Media Cost? 


Are you using the same columns to make your summary? Looking at the data you present on the Excel pivot table you only have a 6 rows and it seems to me they are filtered out however you have much more lines in Power BI and they are not filtered out.


If this is based on an import mode you can also try to do the grouping in Power Query and check if the result is the same.


Don't know if is also the case but if this model have several tables with relationships, you may also need to check the relationship because they can affect the result if you don't use the correct columns on your visualizations.


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