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Custom Year To Date

Hello - 


I'm trying to create a custom Year to Date Calculation/Time Series.  

When I create the Custom Measures within Desktop it populates correctly. 


YTD = TOTALYTD(SUM(table[sales_amt]),Calendar[WK_END_DATE],"1/31")


But when I populate within Tabular Editor and change out the table/sales_amt with  "SelectedMeasure" I get errors/no results. 

any advice is appreciated.  Thank you. 


New Member

@amitchandak -


Thanks for you help. 

I've tried your way as well.  The Dax is accepted, but when I use the filter within the power bi tool it results in no data.


I'm able to hardcode the year with the result I'm expecting, but would like for it to be dynamic.


Super User
Super User

@atp_2006 ,


try like

calculate( Sum(Table[sales) ,datesytd(Calendar[Date],"1/31") ) // Make sue to use date of date Table


Create measures like

M1= Sum(Table[sales)



And create calculation group


calculate( selectedmeasures() ,datesytd(Calendar[Date],"1/31") )


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