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Akshaya Member

Access and No Access



I have a dataset that contains a list of Active Directories like this:


Employee ID         Title

1                           Manager - HR

2                           Manager - Finance


and so on.


I want my Power BI Dashboards/Report access to be given only to the people having this title. If in the future, any of these employees go to another Title that is not in this list, then they are automatically denied access to the Power BI reports and dashboards. Is there any way this can be done?


Thanks, in advance!

edhans New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Access and No Access

AFAIK, you cannot dynamically deny access to a dashboard, short of some PowerShell script to update security groups, but you can hide/show data based on userlevel. See this article on dynamic row level security based on user IDs.

Best case scenario would be if you gave them access to the dashboard and you didn't want them to have access at a given time, RLS would show no data for them, so a blank dashboard/report.