Missing Migrants - Tracking Deaths Along Migratory Routes

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Missing Migrants - Tracking Deaths Along Migratory Routes

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More than in recent times human migration is at the forefront of the news with wars in Syria, continuing strife in Afghanistan, the recent migrant crisis in Europe, and northern and sub-saharan Africa on the move. Migrants risk life and wealth at the hands of human traffickers to escape war or for a better life in wealthier countries. Most make it to a safer place, but for those that this article focuses on there is no happy ending or better life.


Data Source: Missing Migrants Project / 2017


I hope this Power BI article inspires thought and reflection about the world we live in and the kind of world we would like to live in.


I wanted build a the story that flows rather like news article rather than just another report. The sunset theme (background image) flows through the report and reflects each region, as well as providing a dark background for the figures it also conveys the beauty of a world that still harbours many tragedies. I opted for simplicity rather than too many distracting visuals to convey meaning rather than simply numbers.