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pulse chart > Add several series on X axis

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by augustindelaf Member ‎01-21-2019 09:17 AM - edited ‎01-22-2019 01:00 AM

Hi, I am a big user of Pulse Chart.

For example, you might here find my version of that chart in a public dashboard that compares GAFAM market cap.


My question is simple : I would like to have several series (serveral curves) on X axis, instead of only one curve/one series.

For instance this would enable peer evaluation over time.


Optional request : 

have the possiblilty to fill data points with icons (company logo for instance...)


Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Augustin de la Fouchardiere

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Ability to Format Histogram X Axis

Status: New
by cbhoffm1 Frequent Visitor ‎12-10-2018 12:59 PM - edited ‎12-10-2018 01:00 PM

Is there a way to display the X-axis of the Hisogram visual as a % instead of decimals?  I am trying to diplay the distribution of % to Target, % to goal, etc.  I would rather see 0% to 40% instead of 0.00 to 0.40

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Me and my team are looking for a way to enter more than one values in the thermometer of power bi. 

For example if I want to show my acutal value and different targets for each quarter, I can't do that because there is only on data field available. 

We would need a more flexible visual to add more than one target line.  The image shows a possible way it could look like. Here we have a line for each quarter. It's written which line represents which quarter. A Number can be added if wanted. 


I hope you can help me with my idea. 






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Career Path/Map!

Status: New
by eduardo_alda Frequent Visitor on ‎10-25-2018 10:20 AM

Hello Community,

Hope you're well! It's incredibly inspiring how active you are at Power BI community!  I love your posts and continuously make use of your advises/tips.


In order to visually represent employees career paths we are trying to recreate a similar structure than this:


Yet I’m really struggling at it…  the closest I’ve got was using Timeline Storyteller , which is not much end-user friendly …


Would there be any similar templates or other visualizations - or even other apps - to achieve this kind of visual ?

Another idea - but no idea how to achieve it - would be to use a static background and a map/coordinate visual...


Any suggestion or guidance in this sense is more than welcome.


Thank you in advance!


Eduardo López de Alda

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Put text onto calendar visual

Status: New
by bpwendy Frequent Visitor on ‎10-17-2018 12:52 PM

So far cannot add a custom text onto each column in the calendar visual. Like below.

It would be nice to have this feature.

Thank you!


Support for AD authentication in custom visuals

Status: Accepted
by karaoan ‎09-25-2018 11:34 PM - edited ‎09-25-2018 11:35 PM

We have already raised this with the respective team @ MS for months and have been told this is "on the horizon". So, this post only to show we are not the only ones needing this: we urgently require support for AD authentication in custom visuals. Microsoft is already including it in their own visuals (PowerApps visual) so it shouldn't be too hard to also offer it with 3rd party custom visuals.

Status: Accepted

Thanks for reaching out.
Yes, 3rd party authntication is in our backlog, we are in the planning stages.

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It will be very appreciated to have the ability to control the start and end scale of the scatter chart through a measure.

 Attach an image before and after making the manual adjustment.


Without adjusting the axes, it is displayed as follows:

scatter 01.PNG


Adjusting the axes is displayed as follows:

scatter 02.PNG


I appreciate the support for this request.


Sincere greetings

Kenneth Baeza


Status: Needs Info
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There are a lot of cool visuals but many of them are almost unusable because it's incredibly difficult to guess what they are expecting as input.  To take one example Microsoft's own Histogram visual has a 'Values' and 'Frequency' input.  There's no guidance at all to suggest how these should be used.  Many other  visual suffer from this, including the standard ones (I _still_ can't sense of the Scatter chart naming).


I'd like to humbly suggest that just to the right of the Fields/Formats/Analytics tabs, there is a small help icon which can be used to open a link/embedded resource that gives some documentation for the selected visual. 

Status: Declined

Enable Report Tooltips on Custom Visuals

Status: Accepted
by DebbieE Member on ‎08-29-2018 02:13 AM

It would be great if you could use Report Tooltips on Custom visuals. Im aware that adding drill through into custom visuals is already being looked at, If this could be added, that would be great.

Status: Accepted
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I have a table, for example


Description                        Rating

Title A             67%

Title B

Title C

Title C

Title E

Title F

Title G

Title H


The list is slowly growing so new ones are added. Currently all I can do is add this to a table with all the rows going down and the percentages added with Dats Bar Conditional Formatting. It would be great if you could split them up into a grid of tiles like this....


You could for example specify you wanted it to be 4 tiles wide and then as the list grows it just adds additional tiles. The KPI single tiles as it stands dont give me this fuctionality. I would like to see rows in a table spit into this layout without all from the same table

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Filtering for Donut and Pie Charts

Status: Declined
by Maexchen Frequent Visitor on ‎08-14-2018 02:01 AM

This is not really for custom visuals but a request to change the way Donut and Pie Charts are highlighting data cuts when filtered. Can we have at least an option to show the percentage as an angle of the circumference rather than the current way of slimming down the diameter? I think it would be more natural way and easier to understand if the highlight is done that way. 


is it clear what I mean?

Status: Declined

Provide access to the viewport height and width through when developing a custom visual. When developing custom visuals that act as controls like date range pickers or combo boxes the visual cannot extend beyond the visual host.

The only way to make the visual useful is to provide enough height and width for the visual when building your report, this takes up tons od sapce and make the report development and use very clunky


Status: Accepted
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PowerBI Custom Visual - HighSampleDensity

Status: New
by MassiScarla Frequent Visitor on ‎07-31-2018 01:54 AM

Like on standard visuals (es: Map) it would be much apprceciated to be able to could activate/deactivate HighSampleDensity sampling method in custom visual.


Thanks in advance,



Enable drill through on Custom Visuals

Status: Delivered
by Goofr Regular Visitor on ‎07-05-2018 12:09 AM

Like on standard visuals it would be much apprceciated to be able to drill through to an other page from a Custom Visual.


Thanks in advance,



Status: Delivered

As of API 2.2 context menu and drill through features are supported.

With drill through report authors can create a page in their report that focuses on a specific entry. By right-clicking on a data point in other report pages they can drill through to the focuses page to get details that are filtered to that specific context.


Please check our latest blog:

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Show data by week numbers above line

Status: Accepted
by Mholsen Regular Visitor on ‎06-15-2018 04:26 AM



It is regarding the GANTT chart build by Microsoft:


It would really improve the usability if week numbers could be shown above the dateline (marked in yellow):

Week number.PNG

Status: Accepted
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I am trying out the word cloud visual and I have some text with characters like - and : plus more that i want to show as they are indeed part of the word. However any words with these characters either has them missing or gets truncated after it. Is there a setting for this?

Status: Delivered
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One of the things that we cannot currently do is for example add numeric attributes that can be used the same way as for example the "textSize" property. This reserved word when configured make an up and down arrow to appear and that makes the experience smoother and less prone to errors.

Problem is that it only shows for that reserved word and not for the ones we need...

This is something that could be improved and allow us to specify the type of usage we want in the controls.


Also, please add the ability to dynamically add sections in settings. One of the visuals I am creating allow adding several measures and I needed to control their formatting individually... This is not currently possible and once again makes this scenario really hard to achieve.


Thank you

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Gauges question

Status: New
by anaorca1990 Regular Visitor on ‎05-27-2018 05:19 PM


im trying to use the gauge chart, but i need that the i need to filter the count that goes into value but it doesnt not allow me to use any kind of the fliters, im trying to filter some words that i dont want to be count. 

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Currently, the donut chart is the only visual that contains a percentage of total label. If you have a lot of categories, a donut chart becomes less useful. 


I know you can use a measure to achieve the same for some of the other charts, but you can't create measures in a SSAS live connection. 


It would therefore be very useful if the percentage of total was added to (some of) the other visuals as a detail label option, especially in the bar chart ones. It seems like this would be a pretty straightforward edit, since it already exists in one of the standard visuals.

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Make fields in synoptic invisible

Status: New
by eletheria Occasional Visitor on ‎05-08-2018 08:25 AM

I use synoptic to build interactive facility maps, which involves drawing "fields" in an external app, then importing the picture to PowerBI. Unfortunately, visual controls only allow selecting colour to highlight those fields afterwards, but no option to just make them invisible.

It looks much cooler when you just click an object on the picture and the stats change, than having coloured shapes scattered around before you click one, so an option to easily get rid of the colour would be quite useful.


And if anyone knows how to do it right now, please please share!! =)

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