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Serious Theme

This is the Theme I made to use in my organization.


Things included:


  • #dataColors - Global settings
  • #title - Background color and font color
  • #border - Added a low profile border to all objects
  • #fontSize - Global settings
  • #fontFamily - Global settings
  • #slicers - Fonts and options
  • #clusteredBarChart - Axis, labels
  • #clusteredColumnChart -  Axis, labels
  • #pivotTable - Head, grid, background
  • #tableEx -Head, grid, background

It is very sober and serious theme, focused on formatting tables and matrix, and the most used charts.

It is good for companies that want to present data in a very formal tone.


Hope you enjoy.


Update: 14/08/2018:





Tweked some colors.



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Re: Serious Theme

Great looking theme, thanks so much!

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Re: Serious Theme

Can you share the pbix??  Thanks