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How to use on-premise gateway from a published personal gateway

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I have a report made in Desktop Power BI that I have published in the Power BI web/online. The connections to the data set I've used is ODBC on a personal gateway. I have then set-up an on-premise gatway with a connection to the same ODBC database which the "Test all connection" is showing is online.


However, when I am configuring the Gateway connection of the dataset that has been published, it is showing that none of the gateways (personal or on-premise) are working.



On premise Connections.JPGOn-premise connections successful



For on-premise, it is trying to find a connection that is in the Deskop dataset (i.e. dsn = as400pb) and not the on-premise gateway connection of dsn=as400 - production.


gateway error.jpg


Any idea how to get around this, please?