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External access to a database for a dashboard

Hello everyone,

I have an issue, and it is about doing a dashboard for a client who has his Excel spreadsheets in Teams (by the company where he works). I was looking for any way to do that without having formal access to their Sharepoint. Of course, I have not got credentials. Maybe, I am answering by myself this question, but in case you know something different it would be very helpful.


By the way, thanks for your time.


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

If you don't have access to the client's SharePoint, you may not be able to connect directly to the Excel spreadsheets stored in Teams. One possible solution is to ask the client to export the data from the spreadsheets and send it to you in a format that you can use to create the dashboard, such as a CSV file. You can then connect to the data in the file and create the dashboard using Power BI. Alternatively, you can suggest to the client to share the Excel files with you or a shared OneDrive account that you both have access to, so that you can access the data directly from within Power BI.

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