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Error while calling POWER BI REST API without USER-ID and PASSWORD

Hai Guys,
I created an app in the Azure Active Directory (AD) and gave required Power Bi API permissions.
I am calling API from Python using HTTP Requests.
But when authenticating the token for API'S with user-id and password it works fine, I get the token and I get 200 as status code for my API.
But when I am not using user-id and password, I get the token but when I am using token to call API, it is throwing an error 403:-  "API IS NOT ACCESSIBLE FOR APPLICATION" and "PowerBINotAuthorizedException".
I tried many ways by added security groups in developer options in powerbi web. But No use.
Please help me if you have any ideas about how to solve these kinds of errors.
We should not use user-id and password while we call APIS

Helper II
Helper II


Hi Rohit

did you ever get this PowerBI rest API calls resolved.


I am trying to access audit logs using MSAL library in Python with "Application Permissions". I am getting the access token but when trying to get request running into below error. The AD App was given admin previlieges on PowerBI service too.


{'error': {'code': 'PowerBINotAuthorizedException', 'pbi.error': {'code': 'PowerBINotAuthorizedException', 'parameters': {}, 'details': [], 'exceptionCulprit': 1}}}

Regular Visitor

try follow this article


"The Power BI REST API only supports delegated permissions. That means that you need to run any calls to the REST API in the context of a user"

Thanks AlexanderTikh for the reply,

I find this blog already but the thing is that by using the token returning from using service principel  is working but there are some limitations while we calling API onto PowerBi.

I had the same error

{'error': {'code': 'PowerBINotAuthorizedException', 'pbi.error': {'code': 'PowerBINotAuthorizedException', 'parameters': {}, 'details': [], 'exceptionCulprit': 1}}}

it was problem with adding correct permission to service principal, should be like described in docs, in my case I had to add Delegated  type of permissons. 

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