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Custom Visual Load Delay

All, I'm developing custom visuals for PBI. We run it on prem in a secured environment with no internet access. I believe PBI might be attempting to reach the internet to verify if our custom visuals are certified, and this is causing an ugly delay. Can this be turned off?
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Super User I

I can't fully answer your question, but Power BI does indeed attempt to check the remote CDN for custom visuals if loading them through the normal means, i.e. adding from marketplace or a file. The reasoning is that this is typically faster as all resources are cached, and ensures that the latest approved version is always applied to reports for consistency.


I'm not very familiar with on-prem, but with the regular cloud service, you can specify a particular version of a visual using Organization Custom Visuals, which might not do the remote check and would also allow you to lock down custom visual usage to only 'approved' ones.


Anything else might be a feature request, to the best of my knowledge.

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Is this visual published to App Source?


If not, Power BI won't check the visual in our CDN. Intead, it will be taken from Power BI Report.


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