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Creating a function within Power BI



I have a function I use in excel (I can post if you like but its quite a lot of text). Is there anyway I can call this in power BI or re-create this in Power BI. 


the basics of the function is to check if lat and long co-ords are within a reasonable area of the postcode.


Snippet of function:


Function testCoords(PC, IRCLat, IRCLong)

Dim OC(578) As String

Dim LatMax(578) As Double

Dim LatMin(578) As Double

Dim LongMin(578) As Double

Dim LongMax(578) As Double



OC(1) = "B1": LatMax(1) = 52.495956: LatMin(1) = 52.472609: LongMax(1) = -1.894214: LongMin(1) = -1.922561

OC(2) = "B10": LatMax(2) = 52.477985: LatMin(2) = 52.459173: LongMax(2) = -1.828649: LongMin(2) = -1.877087

OC(3) = "B11": LatMax(3) = 52.472108: LatMin(3) = 52.443094: LongMax(3) = -1.826494: LongMin(3) = -1.881428


testCoords = "Valid"


IRCOC = Left(PC, InStr(PC, " ") - 1)

OcIndex = 0

For X = 1 To 578

    If OC(X) = IRCOC Then OcIndex = X: X = 579


If OcIndex = 0 Then

    testCoords = "Invalid Postcode"

    Exit Function

End If

If LatMax(OcIndex) < IRCLat Or LatMin(OcIndex) > IRCLat Or LongMax(OcIndex) < IRCLong Or LongMin(OcIndex) > IRCLong _

    Then testCoords = "Incorrect Lat/Long"

End Function

Resolver I
Resolver I

Re: Creating a function within Power BI

You may check out the DAX Function Reference

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Re: Creating a function within Power BI

Thanks for the pointer but i still do not know where to start

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