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Set and dynamic thresholds and ranges

Is there currently the ability to add thresholds and ranges to time series graphs?


A threshold would be a horizontal line on a time series chart, either at a set level, or dynamic, like the max value, or the average value.


A range would be a shaded region, for instance you migt want to shade the region 1 standard deviation above and below the mean of the data on a chart.


See below for an example. The dark green line is a mean threshold, the green shaded area is a range 1 sd from the mean and the red shaded area is a range a further 0.5 standard deviations from the mean.


Is anyone aware of a way to do this curently, or if not, whether there're plans to implement this sort of thing?






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Super User

Re: Set and dynamic thresholds and ranges

In a line graph, click your visual and over on the left click the paintbrush icon. You will see a section called "Reference Line" just below the Y-Axis section. Turn it on and set your level.


You can emulate ranges by using the rectangle shape and setting transparency (not dynamic)


If you want to see if there are plans to implement something like this, check the Ideas section of this site, you can see what is in progress and what has been proposed and if ranges are not there, you can propose them!

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Re: Set and dynamic thresholds and ranges

When this feature will be updated in power BI