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Pie Chart Filter

Hi All


I posted yesterday an issue iwas having with a Pie chart filter. Quintin kindly posted a respone but it didnt get me the result i was looking for, so i guess i am reposting with the hope that someone can help.


I have the below data set in the table below. 


I am trying to get a result that looks like the discribed.


I need a Pie Chart that has equal section for Pre-term Testing, Preparations, Terminations, Post term testing and Partial string testing even when these values will be different.


Each Pie Chart need to be filtered to the Cable ID, so for the data set i would have 13 Pie Charts shown diffrent result for each cable ID.


If the value of a colum (Example: Partial string testing) is not at the Max value for this column (in the case of Partial string testing 100) then this section of the Pie chart should be white.


Max values for each:

Pre-term Testing - 7.5

Preparations - 5

Terminations - 15

Post term testing - 5

Partial string testing - 100


I really hope this helps with clarity to the challange. 



StringCable IDSizeTower

Pre-term Testing

PreparationsTerminationsPost term testingPartial string testing
1AB01 - AB05301AB017.500.0010.005.0095.00
1AB06 - AB02302AB027.500.0015.005.00100.00
1AB02 - AB01303AB025.000.007.505.0080.00
1AB08 - AB03304AB035.000.0015.005.00100.00
1AB03 - AB04305AB035.000.007.505.0050.00
1AB03 - AB04306AB045.000.0015.005.00100.00
1AB01 - AB05307AB050.000.0015.005.00100.00
1AB11 - AB06308AB060.000.0015.005.000.00
1AB06 - AB02309AB060.000.0015.005.000.00
1AB12 - AB07310AB070.000.0015.000.000.00
1AB07 - AB08311AB070.000.0015.000.000.00
1AB07 - AB08312AB080.000.0015.000.000.00
1AB08 - AB03313AB080.000.0015.000.000.00
Moderator v-yuezhe-msft

Re: Pie Chart Filter


I am afraid that it is not possible to change pie chart color dynamically as we are unable to implement conditional formatting in Pie chart.

However,  you can consider to implement conditional formatting in Table/Matrix visual to work around this issue.


Community Support Team _ Lydia Zhang
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