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frg88 New Member
New Member

Create a table with calculated data from another



A table of my model has the next columns: 

  • Id
  • CreationDate
  • DeletionDate
  • Country


I want to create a new table where I have the actives items of my model for each day, I mean, the next columns: 

  • Date (01-01-2018, by example)
  • Country (Spain, by example)
  • Active (Count of all the items which creationDate <= Date and deletionDate >= Date)


I think I can create this new table with the function ADDCOLUMNS() or SUMMARIZE(), but I haven't got it. 


Thans in advance. 

edhans New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Create a table with calculated data from another

I'm not exactly clear on what you are trying to do, nor why you need a new table to show this data vs just a measure that will calculate it in a visual.


Can you show a sample of your current data, and a sample of the expected output?


If you are sure you need a new table, see this article, and note that SUMMARIZE and ADDCOLUMNS should generally be replaced with SUMMARIZECOLUMNS.