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Connecting to Azure Active Directory

I currently consume the Active Directory activity log content pack in Power BI. I am wondering if there is a way to pull this report down to be able to reverse engineer the connection to AAD. My goal is to be able to leverage the user profiles I have configured in my AAD as report filters in other Power BI Reports. I have attached a template I’ve received from support staff in the past, however my subscription ID does not actually populate any tables. Maybe these are two separate issues. Nevertheless, any help is appreciated- I’m essentially blocked by this AAD piece to be able to deliver several other projects in my queue.

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Connecting to Azure Active Directory

Hi @Caitlin_Knox

I'm not very clearly about "reverse engineer the connection to AAD".

Please refer to this article to see if it helps.


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Re: Connecting to Azure Active Directory

My description to 'reverse engineer the connection to AAD' is exactly that. There isn't a connector available, only to on prem Active Directory. The content pack that I currently consume connects to AAD but I'm unable to pull that report down to see how the connection was made. My guess is the Office graph API? I don't know, that's my question.