::TRAVEL SMART:: simplify your trip within USA

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::TRAVEL SMART:: simplify your trip within USA

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Through the use of data analysis from 2017 and through airline tendencies which reflects on the variables of delays and cancellations from point A to point B, potential flyers get the opportunity to make smarter choices that will save them time and efforts.


I really hope this dashboard can simplify your life when taking the important decision of where and who to fly with!!!


Data source:

DATA.WORLD https://data.world/hoytick/2017-jan-ontimeflightdata-usa

You will find data for flights within USA for January 2017.

For this project, I needed to download all months from the original source. 



Power BI:

Custom visuals: Flow map and Enlighten Data Story. Use of Bookmarks for Intro.

Theme: http://community.powerbi.com/t5/Themes-Gallery/University-of-Melbourne/m-p/163417


Jose Wirtz (Guatemala)