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How to retain the value of configuration in custom visual?



I have implemented the custom visual with configuration called :Unique Dates Per Page, when i set some value, its taking up the value but when i save the page and open it again the value is again getting set to default value, i don't why this is happening?


This is settings.ts file, where i am setting the value=20, on saving and opening the report again value is getting set to 20 (showing 20) but its still taking up the previous value which i have set it (not default value).


 How to resolve this issue?

Frequent Visitor

Hey @VivekChadha, I'm happy to try to help with this. Are you able to provide the following?:

  • Full project code so I can dev locally (ideally a GitHub repo or similar w/package.json & package-lock.json rather than a node_modules folder)
  • Report w/sample data (ideally with a test visual already set up so I can deploy and debug)

Madison Giammaria
Super User In Training‌ 😄

Hi @giammariam , Can we connect over google meet or any mode of communication so i can share all the details with you,

In short when i set some value in the powerbi custom visual and refersh the page it doesn't show the same set value in the settings.

For Example we are having some configuration called 'Box Settings', Under Box settings if i set the box width to 163 and refersh the page it shows me the default value instead of the previous set value.



Looking forward to hear from you.

Frequent Visitor

When you save the report all the values in the formatting pane are saved as well. So opening it next time, you will see all the saved values that you used previously. If you hit the reset to default button, then you will see the default value. 

yeah but i am not able to see the previously set value.

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