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How to disabled badges

Is there a way to turn off the badges system?  I just got one for posting my 5th post and for me this is just silly. I don't need constant affirmation to ensure I will continue to use the site/boards. Well thought and timely replies are more then enough for any site like this. I already get enough spam email as it is without adding these to that. I don't want to turn off everything (which appears to be the only option in settings) because I would like to know when there's been a reply to a thread I strtaeed or am involved in but I don't need email affirmations with every few posts I make. 


Thank you


Hello @edcarden,

Thank you for reaching out to us!


You can manage the notification in My settings: Subscriptions & Notifications > Notification Settings

and uncheck 




Scroll below and turn off the badge notification setting by selecting Never.




Please let me know your comments/questions.

Thank you for your patience and being part of the community!








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