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Sharing Power BI Data



I'm new to working with Power BI. I've built a few simple dashboards using the desktop version, and I've loaded them to the service. I'm trying to understand how to use the on premise gateway to share the data with a QA team I put together. I'm currently using the Power Bi Pro Trial. My QA team is also signed up for the Pro trial.


The gateway was installed on my local PC (not a server). When I try to share the dashboards using the gateway with the QA team they get an error message indicating they can't access the gateway. I've looked into this and noticed references to creating users for the gateway. When I check the gateway settings, I don't see a way to add users. Additionally, when I created the gateway, I could only setup one user (me). Do I have to install another on premise gateway on my machine for each user in my QA team?


Also, I'm using direct query with the dashboards.

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Re: Sharing Power BI Data

Hi @bernardjesmith


A question when you installed the Gateway did you install it as a Personal Gateway or an On-Premise Gateway?




The reason being if it is installed as a Personal Gateway it is for you to personally refresh, whilst the On-Premise Gateway is for multiple people to use, which is then enabled via the Users tab on the Gateway settings.

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Re: Sharing Power BI Data


What do you mean "Sharing Power BI data? If you mean share dashboard and reports, I can think you can use the GROUP.

The gateway is used to connect to a datasource directly or to refresh data(It is best to install the gateway on a machine that can be left running all the time.), not sure why you talk about gateway while the title is "Sharing Power BI data"