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Issue Replicating Data

Would like some help; I'm trying to assess how much training our employees receive, and associated costs.


When I pull out the data, I have a "course name" and associated information; however, I found where the rows are being duplicated.  That is because I have another field called "team" let's say you are part of three different "teams" and each of those "teams" requires the same "course name", the employee only takes the course once, not three times.  But from a calculation perspective, it's counting the cost of the course 3x.  I'd like to clean up the data but don't want to remove "teams", because it's important to know for slicing/filtering purposes on visuals.  Any tips?


I'm new to Power BI and sounds like I need to list all the courses...then have a column with another table that is generated based on the teams associated to that course??? I can see it in my head, can't seem to do it inside application.  Thanks in advance for your help!


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Re: Issue Replicating Data

Hi @New2PowerBI,


It will be help if you share some sample data and detail informations.



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Re: Issue Replicating Data

Here is a sampling of some of the information:


ABRAHAMS, EMILIO A.201099759229.129 Excavation Practices12$65*Co Emp w/Field Duties
ABRAHAMS, EMILIO A.201099759229.129 Excavation Practices12$65*Co Technician
ABRAHAMS, EMILIO A.201099759229.129 Excavation Practices12$65QAT-OQ PV 10
ABRAHAMS, EMILIO A.201099759229.129 Excavation Practices12$65*Authorized Employee


Our employees are assigned to "Teams" based on what work they have to perform.  In the above; the employee is assigned to 4 Teams, however, in our training system, it "knows" that the employee isn't supposed to take the training 4 times, the employee just needs to take it once. 


When I did my visualizations, I quickly realized the duplication; so the sum of training cost is counting the same course 4 times.  I just want it to count it once, BUT, I would like to know, on a related visual what "Teams" this employee belongs to; so I don't want to lose the information. 


Hope this helps.  Thanks!!