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Advocate II
Advocate II

Marketo Content Pack not working

I can get as far as 'please wait while the data loads' but ultimately it comes back saying 'failed to load'.

  Marketo Error.JPG

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Did anyone in this thread ever get this working?

Advocate II
Advocate II

Tried recreating the user and granted additional I can't even get past the authentication:Connection Error.JPG


So appears the problem is that attempting to bring in 1 month of data exceeds the allowed API call limit for the day (10k per  I have been successful at returning the schema of things, but in every case even if it's the only query I've made after the API call reset, it eventually comes back and says failed to load:

Marketo Failed.JPG


Given that I've selected the least amount of time that I can and it fails to load, I'd call this an exceedingly broken solution.  Two major thumbs down on this one.


I would be interested to know if anyone else has been able to get this to work with the default 10k limit and 1 month of data...

Using the content pack and 1 month of data, I was pulling 4300-4500 API calls. When I attempted to do 3 months this morning, I easily blew through the 10K limit. Please advise

 Hey Mark I'm curious if you've been successful eventually in connecting Marketo to Power BI. I can't even get past basic authentication. Annoying. Thanks!

@idanca, have you set up a user with full API permissions and the associated web service? Those are the hurdles needed to get through the authentication step. 


On my side, I'm able to connect to our Marketo sandbox and pull data into Power BI but the connection fails on our production. 


The only variable I can see is the slight permissions difference in the API user's role between the two environments. The sandbox API user has full API rights but the production API user doesn't have Approve Assets or Execute Campaign rights. Are those required for the data connection to work?


I am also having issues connecting marketo and when I select email activites in the navigator the below fields appear. I am interested in 'devices, categories, bounced count and percentage, clicked count and percentage, opened count and percentage' to be useful in reporting. 


Year Quarter Month Day Activity time activityTypeId leadId mktoId primaryAttributeValue primaryAttributeValueId
2017 Qtr 3 July 31   2003 2003 2003 Newsletter 2003

EmailActivities Data about email sent to leads/contacts, with details about devices, categories, bounced count and percentage, clicked count and percentage, opened count and percentage, and program name. The Email Activities as shown in Power BI is an absolute email deliverability report, it does not apply any additional logic to the data. You might see some different results between the Marketo client and Power BI because of this.



Is there another way to connect this to get all the fields and values to appear.


Thanks, Olivia 

Hey Mark I'm curious have you ever succeeded in connecting Marketo and Power BI? I'm failiing the initial authentication and can't get past it. annoyed as heck.

thanks, Idan.

Send frowny face to support, the smiley icon in the upper right of the Service website.

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