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Calculation to start after skipping 12 months and then rolling sum

Hi all,

Out data range is for 48 months. We are trying to calculate the running total that should start  from 13th month onward considering last 12 months. And for 14th month (next year) this should have Month 2 to Month 13, so on and so forth. A small excel snippet is below. Can we do this in DAX? Much appreciate your inputs.







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@Jihwan_Kim this is the data I was looking to solve where I do not have a Month No. since the date could start from anywhere, Thanks a ton. 


You may download my PBI file from here.

Hope this helps.


Ashish Mathur
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @aktelidevara ,


If you could provide the output that you expected or the sample pbix files(without sensitive data) would be great.

How to provide sample data in the Power BI Forum - Microsoft Power BI Community


Also, you may check if these thread helps

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Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Caitlyn

Thank you for the response @v-caitlyn-mstf . here is my dataset.


1.My Annual Value starts acukmulating after 12 months always and for each row it will be calculated for the past 12 months. 

2.The below values are from the transaction table which has only one row per each month.
3. I have a Date table to join with the Transaction table as well.

4. Source is SAP HANA using DirectQuery
 I tried with DATESINPERIOD but always returns the same number as the "Value" in each row

Date, Value, Annual Value

10/21/2015, 12
9/21/2015, 16
8/20/2015, 24
7/21/2015, 29
6/19/2015, 35
5/20/2015, 41
4/21/2015, 47
3/23/2015, 53
2/20/2015, 59
1/21/2015, 65
12/19/2014, 71
11/19/2014, 77, 532
10/21/2014, 83, 603
9/22/2014, 89, 677
8/21/2014, 95, 748
7/22/2014, 101, 820
6/20/2014, 107, 892
5/21/2014, 113, 964
4/21/2014, 119, 1,036
3/21/2014, 125, 1,108
2/20/2014, 131, 1,180
1/21/2014, 137, 1,252
12/19/2013, 143, 1,324
11/19/2013, 149, 1,396



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