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Win a cool Power BI Tshirt! - Complete: 5/31/16

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Hey everyone,


Sorry for the delay in the weekly Power BI Tshirt games - I was out of the office visiting Power BI User Groups in Michigan (Motor City Power BI User Group) and Ohio (Columbus Azure ML and Power BI User Group). They were both great groups - if you're ever in the area - check them out!!


This week's opportunity for a free tshirt is going to be a little different!  This is not going to be a random drawing - the POWER is totally within YOUR OWN hands!


Back to school math challenge


This week's challenge is simple - the top THREE people competing in this challenge, with the most 'solutions authored' in the community, win!


That means just help others!  Answer other people's questions in the community, and when they mark your response as "Accept as Solution" your response gets a green checkmark and you get notified (a 'notification' will appear - up by your name).  Every green checkmark counts as a point. 



 How to play:


  1. FIRST: Kudo this post to 'check into' the class challenge. (kind of like signing your name on the paper Smiley Happy 
    1. Only those that have kudo'd this post are in the 'running' for this challenge.  You must kudo this post and soution counting doesn't start until you kudo this post.
  2. Answer questions in the community.  When your response is marked with 'Accept as Solution' - you get a point, so answer lots of questions. Smiley Happy


  • Everyone starts equally at ZERO
  • Counting is only done between the time of your KUDO and the end of the challenge (next Tuesday). Hint:  Kudo NOW and get answering! Smiley Happy
  • Do not harrass the post author to 'mark your response as accepted'. 
    • Suggest to add a footer to your response ie: "Please click the Accept as Solution if this resolves your issue; if it did not resolve your issue, provide more information on what happened instead.".


  • If you would like to see what your "Total Solutions Authored" count is, simply click on your name at the top of this page, click on Profile:
    • 2.png
  • Scroll down and look for the "Total Solutions Authored". 

Reply to this post if you have any questions!


Winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 31st as a reply this post.


Visit this post to see the most recent winners.


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Re: Win a cool Power BI Tshirt!

And the people who won the shirt this week - by their OWN efforts of helping others and having their solutions accepted are:









Here's a list of the participants and the accepted solutions during the contest time period: (look how easy that was!)



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Re: Win a cool Power BI Tshirt!

Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.