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Training on Data Modeling

So, the number one problem I have is that we don't use a BI tool yet. Our first steps are with Power BI and honestly, we don't understand how to model the data correctly. We have DB experts that understand the linkages in a DB, but translating that to Power BI isn't going well. The BI approach seems much different.


Anyone know where we can find training or resources in how to organize the relationships and data to get better / more flexible reports?

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Re: Training on Data Modeling

Hi @mtgarden,


There are some great resources online for understanding data modeling on Power BI (which is basically similar to Power Pivot).


Some basic ones are this video about creating relationships on Power BI Desktop all the way to articles at


You can ask any question on the Power BI Desktop forum and the community will surely help you very quickly if you or your team have specific questions.

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Re: Training on Data Modeling


maybe a little late for you, but last March a very good webinar was published on youtube about this subject, find it



Hope it helps, Luis

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Re: Training on Data Modeling

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