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Meet the Power BI Community Team!

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Hi, everyone! We are the Power BI community team. We are here to provide you with all the tools, resources and solutions you need to make your community experience easy, interesting, and fun. Feel free to reach out to any of us whenever you have questions, suggestions or just want to chat. Let’s meet the team!


Sandy.pngSandy Rivas

Role: Community Manager


As Community manager, I have the privilege of taking the ingredients of our great products, and then add: fun, education, networking, and sharing to then mix together in creative ways for online and in person community content and events that you value. When I'm not playing with our cool products (also my hobby, ok I'm a geek), I enjoy architecting my environment to surround myself with things that I love and that make me happy especially my three dogs Domino, Oreo and Mika.



Siva.jpgSiva Harinath

Role: Principal Program Manager


As a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Business Applications and Platform Intelligence team, I lead the team that is responsible for the community, education and marketing sites related to the BAPI products (currently including Power BI, PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Stream). I have a passion for helping and empowering people to be more successful with technology in their organizations. I’ve written a number of books, but am excited to reach people in a more direct manner through our community efforts.

Chuck.jpgCharles Sterling
Role: Senior Program Manager


As a Program Manager on the BAPI community team I get to apply my 7 years of CSS escalation engineer (Excel, SQL and Developer Tools), 8 years of developer evangelism, and 8 years as a Program Manager in DevDiv on my favorite area-Customers! Before Microsoft I was a marine biologist working for United States National Marine Fisheries doing marine mammal research on the Bering Sea. Taking my passion for community (and Fishing…okay mostly Fishing), I moved to Australia as a developer evangelist and moved back to Redmond DevDiv in 2008. In April I moved to the PABI community team to continue my work with influencers, content and of customer course feedback processes.


me.jpgMackenzie Lyng
Role: Community Administrator

As a community administrator, I am your go-to resource for the Power BI community. I manage forums, answer community-related questions, organize community block parties and ensures the Power BI community delivers your expectations and needs. Have questions, suggestions or critiques about your community experience? Reach out and message me for anything! Outside the Power BI community, I love to explore the outdoors, watch live music and relax with friends.




 Jessica.gifJessica Cook

Role: Community Content Manager

As the community content manager, I'm responsible for blogs, newsletters, and community messaging across our BAPI products. I love coming up with the best way to tell you all about a great story or piece of exciting news. When not at the office, I'm an avid hobby blogger and podcaster, and I love to bake tasty treats. If you want to contribute to the Power BI or PowerApps Community blog and write for an audience of our amazing users, send me a message!



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Re: Meet the Power BI Community Team!

Hello, I watched the video on Story Telling with PBI. It was great. But I have a few questions. Is it possible to contact Jeff, the presenter ?


Thank you in advance,

Fred Luk

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Question help

I have posted a question to the forum but it's not appearing. Am I doing something wrong?
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Questions regarding the PowerBI

Hello All,

I'll like to ask some questions regarding the Seal Report.

1-To which OS's can I run the PowerBi on (Win7, Win10, Win server .....) ?
2-How do we publish data and send to people related to the business !?
3-The dashboards generated by the system is interactive !? and also it has any way to export the dashboard like PDF, PPT, EXCEL ?!
4-If there's a server side which are the managing tools and how do they work ?!
5-To which databases this program can connect, which connections it can handle?!
6-The program accept many datasources at once, like custom SQL and a CSV file !?
7-It's possible to have this application embedded in a web page our program !?
8-Please provide details on the products, which every one delivers and the prices related to time and users.

Really Thanks all Smiley Happy

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Re: Meet the Power BI Community Team!



Sorry not sure if this is the right place to ask but I didn't seem to have access to post anywhere else.


I have a set of data showing sales for various items included in multiple departments and are assigned different attributes.


Eg. Style 1: Dept = Basic, Type = Sweatshirt, Fit = Muscle, Sales Units = 14

     Style 2:  Dept = Fashion, Type = Sweatshirt, Fit = Muslce, Sales Units = 20


I am trying to write a formula that shows me the sales mix of each style within each area eg. Dept, Type , Fit but I can't seem to work out the correct way to do this. Can anyone help at all?

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Re: Meet the Power BI Community Team!

Hi All,


We have created reports in powerBI using SQL server database. When we create any new column using DAX , it does not allow to save & throws error "Memory Error: Allocation Failure" . We are using 7gb RAM & cleared all temp files.


Please let me know if there is any resolution for this.



Amit Bhagat

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Re: Meet the Power BI Community Team!

Hi Power BI Team,


I hope you are doing good Smiley Happy


I would like to ask the most fundamental question regarding visualization on Power BI tool from database in excel. Do you have any specific topic or videos for me to study on this? 


Quick feedback from your end would be highly appreciated Smiley Happy

Thank You.