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Enhancements to the community

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We have made a couple enhancements to the community that we hope will help enhance your experience here. Smiley Very Happy


Labels Postings now require labels - which are 'categories' that will make it easier to search through and filter on various labels of interest:


Need Help

Have a question? We're happy to help! But keep in mind - someone else might have already received help - so be sure to do a quick search on your question before posting a new thread.

Show & Tell

Showcase your awesome Power BI related creations. Also get critique and advice.

Tips & Tricks

Educate and show how to use Power BI to save time and create cool stuff.

Tutorial Requests

Having a problem with finding a tutorial? Need a tutorial, but one does not seem to exist? Likely someone in the community has one or is anxious to create one.

Interesting Links

Seen a great blog post, tutorial or article about Power BI? Let everyone know. Post links and comments here.


Events Let's create a one-stop-shop for all events related to Power BI - both Microsoft events and Community events.  We know you all want to create 'Power BI User Groups' (at least I know I do!) - now you can and you can even use the Labels to categorize if the event is In Person, On-line, or Request or Idea for an event.


To keep these events clean and easy to read - please be sure to provide the details when posting an event:


Topic title: 


Details :
Required information:


Optional Information:


Ok - so let us know what you think!  We're always open to suggestions and WANT and NEED your feedback - this is YOUR community.


By the way - now that I've told you about this change to your community - let me introduce myself - I'm Sandy Rivas and I am the Power BI Community PM.  I've been at Microsoft for over 17 years and Power BI is my job and my hobby!  This is the most fun I've ever had and I'm so looking forward to assisting in making the Power BI Community the best, most fun and informative rockin' community in the world!  Who's with me?

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Re: Enhancements to the community

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So glad I waited a couple seconds (love the purple) Smiley Happy - edit... no wait, blue! lol

Love the new changes, thanks @Sandy and team!

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Re: Enhancements to the community

ha ha - My favorite color is purple - but I wasn't sure that looked good.  Ok - I'm going with purple!!


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Re: Enhancements to the community

Another enhancement a Developer Forum has been created to discuss all of your developer related topics.  “Custom visual creation, API usage, real-time dashboards, integrating with Power BI, content packs. Basically, everything about extending Power BI.”


Check it out at:  Forums: Developer