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Community Guidelines

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For the Community to remain a safe, welcoming and fun place, users are must adhere to the following Community Guidelines and best practices. The guidelines below align with Microsoft’s Community Code of Conduct.



  • Be polite and respectful in all posts and replies to other people.
  • Keep conversation threads on track. It's okay to disagree with another user's post, but keep your dialogue relevant to the post subject.
  • Always address comments and responses to the original post owner.
  • Cite the source of any unoriginal content in your posts. Be honest about your sources.
  • Report any kind of abuse you find in the community. "Report abuse" links can be found in every post and in every profile.
  • Search to see if a question you'd like answered has already been posted by somebody else. Posting the same question repeatedly and starting multiple threads on the same subject can be confusing.
  • Encourage others to join the community!


  • Divert or change a thread for your own purposes; just start a new thread with the subject you want to discuss.
  • Post questions/messages that are the same or similar to questions you have already posted. When someone has an answer or a reply, that person will respond to you.
  • Threaten, stalk, insult, victimize or intimidate anyone or any group of people for any reason; including age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or religion.
  • Incite other users to threaten, stalk, insult, victimize, or intimidate another person or group of people.
  • Use vulgar, obscene and inappropriate language.
  • Harass, insult, tease, or correct other users about the grammar used in their posts. Good or bad grammar isn't the point-the community is about getting questions answered and technical discussions.
  • Post content depicting nudity of any sort, including full or partial photographic human nudity, or nudity in cartoons, fantasy art or manga.
  • Upload chain letters.
  • Share websites that require payment to access information.


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Re: Community Guidelines

Today I tried to post a reply, but it got rejected (automatically).

I wonder why, as I didn't violate any of the guidelines outlined above.

The only reason I can think of: my reply did include a link to another website (as the topic was more or less cross posted) and a link to a video on YouTube. These would be legitimate links as even buttons are provided to create such links.


Would it be possible for you to share some information when posts are rejected?

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