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What is A Super User?

If you’ve been exploring our community, you might have come across users with someone with a Super User icon right next to their name (see screenshot below) or a special seasonal Super User badge on their profile page.

Super User Icon.png


Just as the name suggests the Super Users are the superheroes of our community. They are especially active and helpful community members who respond with solutions to issues, create posts for our community blog, and share Data Stories. Besides providing a large volume of useful content and interactions, they are also recognized for the quality of their posts. In addition to being awarded a specific forum badge, they are invited to special monthly Super User meetings with the Power BI community leadership and product teams. They have access to private parts of our forum and are given previews of future community and Power BI features. Another perk is that Super Users are nominated for consideration to the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) title.

At the time this article is posted, we have 20 Super Users from across the globe. Super Users are essential to our community because they help increase the knowledge of all members. If you would like to be inspired by one of these very special community members, make sure to click on their profiles to add them as a friend.




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