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How to Create an Event Post

The Upcoming Events board is a great place to share information on future Power BI events with the rest of the community.

Getting Started

Before you get started, you should gather the following information, so that you are ready when filling out the fields for creating the event:

  • Event title
  • Event summary (short, about 1 sentence)
  • Event location
    • Venue
    • Address
  • Start date and time (required)
  • End date and time (required)
  • Event description (this can be a longer text that should include an image)
  • Image (370x300 or larger, with the same aspect ratio)
  • Event Tag (In Person, On-line, or User Group)

Filling out the Form

If you already gathered all the information, this step is fairly simple and straight-forward:
Fill out the information into the required fields and optional fields, if they are applicable. As with any other community post, asterisks will show you which fields are required. You will need to include both a venue name and street address for the location to show as the venue address in the overview. Otherwise, the venue will show us unavailable. Here is an example of what your event fields could look like.

Event Post1.PNG



And this is the lower portion of the screen that includes the description, which makes up the body of your event post.

You don’t have to add an image to the body of your post, but, as you will see further down in this article, whatever image you use in your post will show in the event overview, helping draw attention to your event. If you don’t include an image in your post, you will see an image placeholder in the event overview.
Don't forget to include a URL in the description if you would like to direct your readers to a registration page or a website with more information on the event.

Event Post22.PNG


Once you select Post at the bottom right of the screen, you will see your event in a format similar to a regular forum post:


Event Post3.PNG


From here, you can go back and edit your post, just like with any other forum post, or take a look at the Upcoming Events overview to see how others will see your event post when looking for event.


Viewing Your Final Post

In order to view your final post, navigate to the Upcoming Events board.

You can get back into a post to read more information by clicking on the gray title above the image or in the What section. If your image aspect ratio doesn’t exactly equal the equivalent of 370x300, this is a great opportunity to see if your image is stretched too much. 


Event Post4.PNG


You can go back and edit your post by clicking on the gray event title.

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