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About Galleries

Posting in any of our Galleries requires a community account. If you aren't registered for a community account, check out Join the Community!
Webinars and Video Gallery is accessible to a group of highly active community members. This is managed automatically by the community based off of either a users role in the community (Power BI Staff member), or a user who has earned an upper-level rank. If the 'Submit a video' button is accessible for you to select, you can post there!

The Data Stories Gallery is open for any registered user to post! This is where you can show off your reports, and find inspiration in work of others!


How to submit your Data Story

We want to hear about your best data story! The Data Stories Gallery is a place where you can show off your reports, and find inspiration in the work of others. Follow the instructions below to submit your report to our public Gallery.


Note: For assistance with finding your publish to web URL, see this post.

Be sure to review the legal disclaimers: Terms of Service and Third Party Programs.


  1. If you haven’t yet, register for the Power BI Community. To register you need a username, password, and email.register.png



  2. Once you have logged in to your Power BI Community account, go to the Data Stories Gallery and select the “Submit your data story” button in the top right of the page. Submit your data story.PNG


  3. Fill out the submission form. You must include a title, publish to web URL, description, category, and thumbnail image. If you would like viewers to be able to download your PBIX file directly, you can upload it, as well.

    Data Stories Gallery Fields.png


  4. Click the “Publish” button. Your submission should appear on the Data Stories Gallery shortly.


How to submit your video

The Webinars and Video Gallery is your home for short, "snackable" video tips, tricks, and guides on Power BI, R, Custom Visuals, and everything related to data analysis and design. Our videos come from users like you!

Submitting a video to the Webinars and Video Gallery is currently only available to select users, including community members with a rank of Responsive Resident or higher and Super Users Tier 2 - 10.


Video submitters must include a YouTube link and thumbnail image with each video, and can attach a PBIX file and comments to their submission. Please note that all videos must be self-contained, and not "teasers" or advertisements for content on other sites beyond the hosted community.
These are the steps for posting to the Gallery:


  1. Make sure that you are signed into your account.
  2. Next, navigate to Microsoft Power BI Community > Galleries > Webinars and Video Gallery or click here.
  3. In order to share your video, click on New Message at the top right. New Message.png


  4. You now have the option to create a Gallery post with a title, video URL, and a description. You will also need to choose a Category from the dropdown at the bottom and upload a Thumbnail image on the right.

    New Video Submission.PNG

  5. When you are done, click Publish at the bottom right, and you are all set.
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