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Helper II
Helper II

"Master" Dashboard

Hey guys,


I am developing a Power BI reporting structure for our organization and am struggling to understand how I can make it easily navigable for the end user. The ideal solution, I believe, would be the creation of a "Master" dashboard from a pinned Live Page which would provide access (or links) to the individual dashboards of certain departments or KPI metrics. This dashboard would then be fully customizable with company backgrounds, logos, etc similar to an intranet homepage. In fact, Power BI could really even become a replacement for an intranet-like service for organizations, particularly small businesses with creative use of custom links. If you support this notion, please share your votes on the Ideas board here. 


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Currently, only your standard dashboard tiles will allow custom links and the standard dashboards look very cryptic to be a central access point for an organization. However, I am very interested in how you are currently setting up the user interactivity within your organizations. Are you simply providing drilldown capabilities into each department or metric? Are you just creating many different dashboards and sharing them all as a content pack? Do you provide dashboard links through your intranet page(s)?


As always, thanks for any feedback received.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Definitely a demand from our CEO, CIO, COO to have a enterprise dashboard experience. We can use the Power BI web part in SharePoint but it's not enough because it only is for a PBI report.  We need to have a individual visuals from various reports that span multiple workspaces/apps to bring them together for a single dashboard. I want to be able to have department/team dashboards even if they are only a single chart. SharePoint can be the UI/UX if need be.  Microsoft has the Power BI API to use for programmers but why make it that hard. Make it as easy as it is today with the Power BI web part.

Advocate I
Advocate I

Any new ideas or features that would work for creating a "Master" dashboard? I'm calling it an Executive dashboard that I need to build.


We want a dashboard that is a mix of reports from different apps/workspaces. We don’t want to copy reports/dashboards/data models from one workspace to another to achieve this. For instance, the CEO would want a marketing visual chart, a finance chart, a loan chart, a deposit chart, and a member chart all on the same dashboard. Those charts all come from different apps/workspaces.

Advocate II
Advocate II



Agree, this is a challenge we're struggeling with as well, see our 'solution' below.


There is the ability to pin a tile from one dashboard to another dashboard, but as it is right now that will just bring you to the same report by default.


If you had an option to let a tile link back to the dashboard it was pinned from automatically from that would go a long way. As it is right now you can achieve this by setting the custom link attribute to point to the dashboard it was pinned from, this will bring you from 'master' to 'sub' dashboard and from there the standard functionality will bring you to the reports containing the visuals you've pinned.


We utilize this to achieve a 'master' dashboard with key metrics from other dashboards, cliking the tile on the master dashboard then brings you to the 'sub' dashboard with additional metrics and charts and/or reports and from there to the reports.


Using the new featured dashboard as the master dashboard this gives us a very nice navigational functionality.


This suits our purposes with a minimum of manual maintenance as the guid for the sub-dashboards doesn't change unless you have to create a new one from scratch.


What is lacking is the overview of how this is organized from a user point of view, but for now it suits our purposes.


Any input/feedback will be much appreciated 🙂


Advocate II
Advocate II

Just a quick update, the new features for linking a tile to different content goes a long way in creating more interactive dashboards. 

Are you saying they added the feature? Workspace Folders might help some too. I think they are working on that as part of Workspace 2.0 due out first quarter 2019.

Helper II
Helper II

Does anyone else have input on this? I am very curious as to how Power BI is being deployed as an enterprise solution.


Thanks in advance!

Agree with this 100% (and supporised there have not been more replies)


The number 1 issue holding my organisation back with PowerBI is the lack of a clear strategy around how to deploy as an enterprise level solution.


We need the ablity to easilly enable a large number of (mainly) non technical users to access and navigate tens (or eventually hundreds) of reports. If we were able to create simple and attractive galleries of reports and dashboards we could replace our existing intranet reporting tools, however the current process for sharing reports seems clunky, click heavy and confusing. It may be that we are missing something obvious so if anyone has any guides on how this can be achieved it would be great to see.

I totally agree.  I have been a proponent of "web browsing experience" forever.  I covered it in my PASS presentation about using SharePoint for a publishing tool and I think we need the same here.


And also covered at the bottom of this post as a plea to MS


Our requests seem similar but yours is more comprehensive.

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

Thanks for the support, Matt. A "web browsing experience" is exactly what I am talking about, in fewer words. I do believe we are onto something good here.

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