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publish PBIX to power bi pro online creates dataset without relationships

Hello everyone,


I am trying to create a dashboard from an PBIX file that i published to power bi pro online.

The PBIX contains tables from an open source website. The PBIX file (report) already contains the visuals. everyting is set to go.


When i published the report to power bi pro online i got an dataset, no report. This dataset doesn't contain the relationsships between the tabels, so now i cannot create my dashboard because every value is the same due to missing relationsships.


Is there any solution that i can create the relationship again?

Or publish my PBIX report as report so i can create my dashboard?


Kind regards,




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Memorable Member

hi @Peter_Verweij - Ideally you should be able to publish the report to a workspace and you should be able to see the report and the dateset (along with all relationships) in Service - you cannot edit or modify data relationships in the Service. 

The reports should be available under the "Content" section




Can you share the screenshot of what your service report / model looks like? 


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Hi @Sumanth_23 ,


Thanks for your reply.

Most of the times i have an excel based power bi desktop PBIX file. Publishing the report works.

This is an report with all open source tables(cloud).


I taken another look at the power bi pro online. I have published the report from power bi desktop to power bi pro online for the second time and i only see the dataset, but the relaiotnships work.


it seems i have to make the report from scratch again.


power bi desktop model.PNGPower BI desktop relationships.PNG


Hi @Peter_Verweij ,


By design, if you have a report with visuals and you publish to the service by desktop, you will get those reports as well.  This scenario seems extremely odd.  I wonder if you need to clear the cache on your browser and also try a different browser.  Also make sure that you are signed into Service with the same userid you are signed into Desktop.  After that, confirm that you do not have any RLS added to the report that is affecting you ability to see the report.  


As for this being cloud versus Excel source I do not believe that this is affecting anything in relation to this situation.


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hi @Peter_Verweij - Typically when you pusblish the report from a pbix file to the service the report + data model are pusblished to the service - once published the report and data model are independant and are not linked to the pbix file on your desktop. 

You should be able to see the report + data model in the Service if you are logged in with the same User ID you used to publish the report. 


Also you can also download the pbix file from the service as seen in the below screenshot


You can try downloading and checking if you are seeing the reports + data model that you had originally published. 


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