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Adrian_Hill New Member
New Member

power bi refreshing constantly

The Power BI reports are getting loaded when refreshed, but the charts within the reports keep refreshing and never get completed.

Super User
Super User

Re: power bi refreshing constantly



it's difficult to help, because some information is missing:

  • are all the visuals on each report page misbehaving like this
  • what viuals show the mentioned behavior
  • are there report pages, where some visuals work well and some don't

I encountered a similar behavior with the "Attribute Slicer" from the marketplace.

The situation:

  • live connection to SSAS Tabular
  • column data type: datetime

After switiching the data type to "text" the visual finished more or less instantaneously (a lot of distinct values had to be rendered), fortunately this column was not needed in any date related hierarchy.


On a seond occasion I deleted the "default" visual from the report page, saved the pbix, closed pbi desktop, opened pbi dekstop, recreated the visual - voila.


Hopefully this gives you some ideas, if not please provide more info.




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