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i can't use "?chromeless=1" to hide the Power BI menu navigations in url


I saw following web below :


I use "?chromeless=1" in the end url to hide the Power BI menu navigations, but it didn't work.

By the way i use  "?chromeless=true" too


Helper I
Helper I

This may be outdated at this point, but this came up in a search for an issue I was having, so I thought I'd throw out some details.


If you replace the portion that starts with CTID= at the end of the URL, with chromeless=1 that will make the URL open the report without most of the borders. Like you mentioned it will still have that bottom PowerBI navigation bar.


I know dashboards come with different difficulties, but if you use a dashboard instead, you can have a full screen display without the navigation bar at the bottom. Again to get a URL that automatically displays fullscreen, just replace the end of the URL at "CTID=#######-####-####-##########" with "chromeless=1".


Hope that helps contribute to this issue or others future searchs : ).

Advocate III
Advocate III

Hi @Cathy
Which browser are you using? As far as I know this works best in Chrome.

Hi @airfreighter 


I use the Google browser !

@CathyCan you share the link with us so we can see if there is an error in the syntax? (anonymize anything that may be public!)

Hi @airfreighter


I use the url below :

the content of urlthe content of url


And I add "?chromeless=1" in the edd.

i.e. ( https:/.....?chromeless=1 )

add "?chromeless=1" in the edd : the url show that it can't workadd "?chromeless=1" in the edd : the url show that it can't work


But it didn't work on my chrome!




The link looks fine to me. You might want to check for updates on chrome. It could also be that this is related to the locale you are using, but that goes beyond my knowledge.


Hope you will get it to work soon!

Really? I am surprised to heard that!Smiley LOL


Could you read two urls below and upload the results (two photos), please?


I would appreciate it!Smiley Happy


Cathy Chen

Hi @Cathy
I checked. I get the same view as you. the first links works, the second says "content not available".


However, the first link already opens without the navigation bar (the same as you get when adding ?chromeless=1).
What is the desired result? How do you want the screen to look?

Hi @airfreighter


The first link on my chrome is below:

first linkfirst link

Do you have the navigation bar (the area of red square) when you set your browser in Full Screen mode by pressing F11?

My goal is to hide the navigation bar (the area of red square) in Full Screen mode!


The second link which i add ?chromeless=1 in the first link end didn't work.

Is there an error in the syntax?


Thank you your replySmiley Happy




That bar will always be there. There is no way to get rid of it, regardless whether on fullscreen or not, this is by design.





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