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help with error Premium caller trying to read premium per user information.



i have a dataset that calls a dataflow containing a table called shortages with dispo. we have premium capacity and i am a pro user. the dataflow is updating with no errors, but when i try to refresh the dataset i get the below:


Premium caller trying to read premium per user information.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action. Table: Shortages with dispo.


this report worked on a previous premium capacity, and refreshes fine on powerbi desktop, but once it is published gives the error.  I have never seen this error and google isnt helping. Any suggestions to a fix?

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Please I have the same issue. Have you been able to solve it? I have submitted a titcket with microsoft but yet to hear back from them. I missed their call tho. I will submitt anothe ticket because it is urgent and I don't want my boss to see it as an incompetence on ma path 

HI @johanjsc , and @Marco_Polo_86 , @adeniranao , @Norbertus and @johanjsc 

I've taken a look at this and can reproduce the error. However I think it is entirely consistent with Microsoft's PPU licencing. What I believe is happening is this:

User creates a PPU workspace (PPUW1) and generates a Dataflow on it from some data (PPUDF1)

User then connects to Dataflow PPUDF1 in Power BI Desktop and builds a Report visual from it.

User than publishes this Report to a non PPU Workspace (WS2).

This puts a Dataset and a Report on WS2. When the users sets up a refresh of Dataset on WS2 it fails with "Shared caller trying to read premium per user information" error.

I believe this is because you can't share Dataflows on PPU with Datasets on non-PPU. This is consistent with Microsoft's licencing. You can't share a Report on PPU with a non PPU user and you can't share a Dataset on PPU with a non PPU user, then why should you be able to share a Dataflow on PPU with non-PPU users ?  

Dataflows on a PPU workspace get extra facilities, larger data storage, more refreshes, and linked entities etc. Why should you be able to share this with other non PPU users ?

The solution is to place the Dataflow on a non PPU workspace (this losing the benefits of PPU) or place the Report and Dataset on a PPU workspace (which onlu PPU licences can access.  

I note there has been some mixed messaging on this from Microsoft and can't find any really clear statement of this. Perhaps someone at Microsoft could get Chris Finlan or someone to answer.

Hope this helps


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Not yet, my organization raised a ticket to Microsoft, yesterday I had a call with them, it's still ongoing.


Facing same error, does anyone have any solution?


I have report published on Power BI workspace with Premium embeded capacity, this report pulls data from Dataflow which is saved on different PBI workspace with Premium per User -> this retursn error above.


It is interesting that when report is published to differnt workspace which is also Premium per user, there is no issue.


Any idea?

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Hi @jdebett 


The error would indicate that it cannot read the source data?


If that still fails and without any more information I would suggest contacting support

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I am facing similar issue:

- I have a dataflow in the Premium Per User workspace.

- I use this dataflow to build a report and publish it in a standard workspace, for the users who do not have Premium Per User account. On the Power BI Desktop side, everything works fine, including refresh. Once I publish this report on a standard workspace I am unable to refresh it online. I am receiving the following error:

  • Data source error Shared caller trying to read premium per user information.. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action.

Can anyone, please, can help?


Here the same issue

Did you solve this? I have the same issue

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