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does ODBC require gateway?

I am planning to connect Power BI service to ServiceNow (a cloud source) via ODBC.  (To be sure, the ODBC driver is 64-bit.)  Does this connection "source" require a gateway?  And, does it matter which connection method (i.e.,scheduled refresh / import / dataset vs live / DirectQuery) I use?  (I would test this myself, but I don't have the ODBC driver available to me yet.)


I may have found the answer already here, but I am not sure how to read the "List of available data source types" section  That is, I'm not sure if it's saying that "ODBC connections are only supported for scheduled refresh / import / dataset", or if it's saying that "gateways are only supported for ODBC connections in scheduled refresh / import / dataset mode".


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Re: does ODBC require gateway?

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You would require a Gateway to refresh via ODBC. As per the article you would need to have the ODBC connection enabled and configured on the Gateway so that when the refresh happens it can connect to the ODBC source.
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