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samdthompson Established Member
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Re: dashboard not updating

good to hear its a problem to be solved rather than a limitation. i might try a complete rebuild and see if that fixes things <sigh>

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Re: dashboard not updating

OK, here's what I did. I created a new PBIX file and loaded it to the system creating a data set, report and dashboard. Basically I had a list of "facilities". In the report, I added 2 visualizations, a simple table list of facilities (157 of them) and also a count of facilities (157) and pinned these to my dashboard. The data came from a CSV file. So, after uploading it, I added a facility to my list, now 158 of them. I refreshed and saved my PBIX file. First, I tried to refresh my data source but that failed miserably because I think there are still some bugs to be worked out there. So, then I just uploaded and overwrote my PBIX file. My report updated and my dashboard count updated. Note that my other visualization in my dashboard did not update because I had it filtered via a slicer to only 12 facilities when I pinned it.


I'm thinking that perhaps it is a particular combination of your visualization that is not causing it to show as updated? If you are slicing data and then pinning it and your new data falls outside of the current slicer, I don't think that your data in your dashboard will update, because the dashboard pinned visualization maintains the "context" of when it was pinned. But, if your dashboard visualization does NOT have any filters or context, like my simple "count" of facilities, then the visualization will reflect the new and current data.


I think that this state of affairs makes a lot of sense personally but I can see as how it may not act as one might expect.


I have also noticed that pinned visualizations seem to be constrained to their size on the dashboard. For example, I removed all of my slicer filters and pinned the facilities table to the dashboard. It only displayed the first 13. However, if I expanded it, it displayed more. In no case did it provide a scroll bar. I find this situation much less logical and consider this to be a bit of a bug IMHO. I should get a scroll bar.


Does any of this help?

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dgelfuso Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: dashboard not updating

In order to have dashboard update automatically, the entire report must be pinned to the dashboard. If only a portion of a report is pinned to the dashboard, it will be static.

liwei Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: dashboard not updating

I met the same problem.

Melissa_Connor New Member
New Member

Re: dashboard not updating

My dashboard is also not updating when I update the data in my report in the Power BI Desktop. I hit refresh and it doesnt appear to bring the updated data across to the Power BI Service.... so annoying I have to delete all the Data Set, Report and Dashboard and start a fresh everytime I update my data in the report in Power BI Desktop! Can you help me?