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Your scheduled refresh has been paused.

I get an email from time to time with information like this: 

Your scheduled refresh has been paused.

We’ve paused scheduled refresh for Report Usage Metrics Model in the 7169420E-94D5-4E4E-9511-F4086EB69213 workspace due to inactivity.

No one has viewed dashboards or reports built using this dataset for two months. To resume it, just visit a report or dashboard built using this dataset or manually refresh the dataset using the Refresh Now option.

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Activity Id: f7e4a36a-bf62-4e1a-af7e-53d9de864ee2

Request Id: 19e26464-8d33-48e8-b699-a9a56044cdc7

Cluster Name:


Microsoft Power BI

This email was sent by Microsoft Corporation

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, 98052, USA

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However, if I try to navigate to the workspace 7169420E-94D5-4E4E-9511-F4086EB69213 like this "", to see what got paused, I get this message:

This leaves me with two questions:

1. Why couldn;t you tell me the name of the paused dataset, or provide me with a link to it?

2. What is the value of this email since I am unable to even tell if it is valid?

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: Your scheduled refresh has been paused.



I suggest you create a support ticket with Activity Id and Request Id provided.