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Workspace Created From Teams - All Members of Team has Access to Reports?

I was having a meeting with one of our internal groups today and came across something quite odd.


So we are in the very early stages of rolling out Power BI in my organization, and we have some users that have classic work spaces and some using new workspaces.


For this particular user, he said that he had created a Microsoft Teams group. 


From there he went to Power BI and noticed - "Oh! I have a workspace with the same name as the team! Ok Im going to use this Workspace!"


So he did some development in the workspace, and then shared out the URL.


Apparently, the workspace has weird account name that is listed as "Owner". There is only this one user in the workspace from what I saw. 


BUT apparently this person said that now in his Microsoft Teams channel chat - He has a tab for PBI and his reports are shown in there. And now everyone in the teams channel can see the report no problem. 


Im quite perplexed as to how


1) There is only the one listed member of the workspace (the weird account name listed as Owner)

2) How does everyone in the teams channel also have access to see the report?


This was during a presentation, and I dont have access to this persons channel - But Im quite confused how this is possible?


I always thought that you would need to be a member or viewer or SOMETHING in the workspace in order to interact with it at all.


Is there some set up from the teams side of things that I may be missing?



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Memorable Member

hi @rodneyc8063 - The Owner role is assigned to the person who has created the workspace and reports within the same



Also as per the latest updates from Power BI's integration with Teams the shared report will appear as a tab in Teams.


You can also refer to the below youtube video on the features


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Hi @Sumanth_23 


Thanks for the reply, I have another question or two as well


I was wondering how did you get to that screen shot you have displayed? I cant seem to find it for some reason


Also - Interesting thing to note, I was doing some digging and it looks like in a "Classic Workspace" anyone that gets added to the Teams Channel chat automatically becomes a "member" of the corresponding workspace. I have a classic workspace that I checked, and I can see everyone in the channel is a member of the workspace - Which sort of explains why that person was able to share it out so easily as it was "automatically" done in the classic workspace/teams integration.


Just to clarify though - Moving forward with the new v2 workspace experience - Lets say


A) I create a teams channel chat

B) I create a workspace in PBI independantly from the teams channel creation


In order to share a report from the workspace in the teams channel would I need to


1) Add a "PBI" tab in the channel?

2) And then after adding the PBI tab, placing a report in the tab - Do I ALSO need to go back to the workspace seperately and start assigning permissions there? So potentially if I add someone in the teams channel chat, they may not be able to see the report until I add them?


Just clarifying, as it looks like in the classic workspace since the teams channel/PBI workspace was created together, they seem to "share" permissons"


Thanks for any help!

Hi @rodneyc8063,

>>I was wondering how did you get to that screen shot you have displayed? I cant seem to find it for some reason

This menu is open from 'manage permission' of power bi content, please check the following blog to know more about these:

Build permission for shared datasets 

>> it looks like in the classic workspace since the teams channel/PBI workspace was created together, they seem to "share" permissons"

Yes, classic workspace normally shared permission to all of the group members. (you can manage this between 'read' and 'edit' permission)  For the difference between 'classic' works and 'new experience' workspace, you can refer to the following links:

Create classic workspaces in Power BI 

Organize work in the new workspaces in Power BI 

Upgrade classic workspaces to the new workspaces in Power BI 


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