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spiderrob Member

Wordcloud custom visual issue/bug?

I'm having an issue when using the 'Wordcloud' custom visual. If I open a report page that contains the Wordcloud visual and then navigate back to a dashboard that has Card tiles, the card numbers appear tiny.


Refreshing the browser returns them to normal, but it is frustrating and spoils the user experience when presenting.


This happens on IE11, Chrome & Safari.


Anyone else seeing the same?





greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: Wordcloud custom visual issue/bug?

Make sure you submit this as a bug report, as well. You can do so in PBI Desktop by using the 'Send a frown' option in the File menu, or by opening a ticket here for bugs in the PBI Service.

The forums are a great avenue for discussing issues, sharing thoughts / ideas, and troubleshooting, but they are not the official medium to submit bug reports.

Proper bug reports will receive more attention from the devs than forum posts.