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Advocate I

Will the new 'Guest Access' for Groups in o365 help with sharing PowerBI Dashboards Externally?

Ever since I tried introducing PBI in my previous company, we struggled with sharing the outputs from PowerBI with our external clients - even those who were also on o365 and could already share OneDrive files with them, for example.


I happened upon this article the other day saying the external users will be able to be added to Groups.


Does this suggest that once fully rolled out, I'll be able to add an external user to a PowerBI group and share / co-author a PBI report?


Hi aldredd,


As the article shared, “We are rolling out guest access functionality in phases.” I just tested from my side and didn’t find the Guest tab when I trying to add members through Office 365 web Mail. So currently it is not available for me to share the test results.

By the way, sharing dashboard in Power BI only available with Work or school accounts (Share a dashboard with colleagues and others). Personal accounts such as or is still not available. This is limited by Power BI account.( Power BI does not support email addresses provided by consumer email services or telecommunication providers. This includes,, and others.) Reference: Self-service sign up for Power BI.

The idea to allow personal account usage is still under Review: can i sign in with my personal email login?

Power BI group is indeed the Office 365 group type, while will the function become available when it comes to Power BI, that is hard to tell currently. And there is no comments mentioned this part in the article you shared..

I will keep monitor and test on this part, once the guest account become available here, I will test and share the results.


Thanks for the reply


Yes, I see they're rolling it out in phases, which is why I wondered if there was any consensus of whether it would eventually benefit PBI sharing options.


The unability to use a 'personal' mail account is a seperate issue, as I'm looking at a corporate setting - but I do hope they change this - I have a personal PBI account (I have full blown o365 for business for my personal domain), and love using it for personal projects etc.

Community Champion
Community Champion

@aldredd Not sure how it will be rolled out in PBI in futur but atm in power bi service for group workspaces you can't add external user. Saying that if your organisation has O365 then external users can be added to that group via O365 portal but will that external user be able to see that group workspace in their power bi service then answer is No (not atm based on my testing i just did).

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