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rquintino Advocate II
Advocate II

When uploading Excel files with incompatible visuals, reports don't default to v1/standard canvas

Hi there!


We are getting a behaviour contrary to described here:

"When you open a report that does have one of the unsupported features listed above, your report will open in the classic reporting canvas."


When we upload a Excel file with incompatible visuals, the reports show in new (not classic) reporting canvas, and we can't set the standard canvas mode to be the default

(actually this seemed to changed today 29-7, we did report this last friday,  yesterday the "Go back to classic report canvas" wasn't even showing, today it shows but we can't default to the standard one)


Urgently looking for workaround 😞 Ideias anyone? or ETA for the new canvas to support tiles and others?


(for files uploaded pre-GA the standard canvas mode is shown by default)

Excel report with tiles

(note we didn't edit nor save the report, this is on first load)


this was yesterday/earlier today

PBI Report in new canvas


this is now 29-7, we can now at least revert but we can't get it to open the standard mode by default 😞


today link








Re: When uploading Excel files with incompatible visuals, reports don't default to v1/standard canva

This is be a very temporary experience! We are working very hard to have our new canvas support all previous visuals and features. We are making updates to the service every week, so won't take too long! 

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