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What determines the order of colors in browsers?


I have a report built with Power BI Desktop and uploaded to the service. It has a map and a bubble chart. They use the same data and slicers .


Each browser I use shows different colors and in most cases the colors are not the same for the map and the bubble chart. I have tested with my laptop and with my work environment that is run on a virtual desktop interface via Citrix. 


IE 11 on my local laptop has some additional rendering problems that I have not quite worked out. Here is a screenshot comparing the legends of the two visualisations in the different systems.




What determines the selection and the order of the colors? Why are some browsers using the same colors for the two visuals and others don't?


IE11 on my laptop had some issues with rendering reports in the Service. After I added to the list of sites to be rendered in Compatibility View, these problems went away. Go figure. I guess my company's GPO settings are causing this behavior.


But now, there is yet another combination of colors that I see in the Desktop and in the browser.


I'd really like to know what determines the colors. My data set may be pushing the limits. I have a hierarchy of 


1st level - 5 categories

2nd level - between 1 and 7 categories

3rd level - between 1 and 12 categories


I use slicers to select individual 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels. I often get warnings in the map and (more often) the bubble chart that there are too many values if I don't have a tick in each slicer. 


Could the amount of data points be a factor in the legend colors? But why the difference in browsers? And why the difference between visuals?

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