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Web page doesn't display published reports

Starting around Thursday of last week, the web interface is not displaying published reports.


The panels that were connected to a Dashboard are displaying correct data and are updating as expected.


Does anyone know if this is a Power BI problem, or a setup problem.


I have checked several sets of report that were published from Power BI Desktop, and none of them display the reports.


I also tried creating a new report in one of the test projects that I deployed.  The new page appears to let me create and modify properties, but nothing is displayed.

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Do you mean that the HTML with the iframe doesn''t work?


If yes, I had the same issue and solved it by replacing the url from the html iframe code with the email link (i.e. replace " " with "")




This link may only work for the owner, but gives you an idea of what the URL is.


I used as a starting point.

Then selected the Reports section.

Then selected my published reports file.

The page displays a tab for each section correctly, but the frame that should display the individual reports is empty.


I am pretty new to Power BI, so I don't recognize the URL forms that you provided.

@v-melerv a screenshot of what you are seeing will work, URL's to your workspace won't allow anyone to see what you do. Did something change in the underlying datasource or dataset? Can you connect to the dataset that the report is from?

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Most of the published projects that I have were not changed (and still would not display).


I finally manage to get them working again.


My process was very random (i.e. trying all kinds of things).

What appeared to solve the problem was a change to a project that was very small with only a couple test panels.

The panels in this project are not live data. 


When I selected PUBLISH, the window displayed an option that allowed me to open the published project in a browser.

Usually I bypass this option.  This time I selected it.  The new panels opened up in IE and displayed correctly.


I subsequently retried each of my other published projects. 

The simple ones started working almost immediately. 

The more complex projects took a little longer, but after about 2 minutes, all of the projects were opening and displaying charts correctly.


I'm in Redmond RedWest-C building.


Thanks for the responses.

@v-melerv glad you got things working. As a side note, this is a public forum and not just a forum for MS, so your building location is most likely a non-issue 🙂

Looking for more Power BI tips, tricks & tools? Check out the site I co-own with Mike Carlo. Also, if you are near SE WI? Join our PUG Milwaukee Brew City PUG
Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

I am sorry - I thought that you have problems with the reports published for web access (in the service->reports->select your report->file->publish to web).


Hope someone can help you solve the issue

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