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dparkinson Regular Visitor
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WEEKNUM in Date Dimension table kills visual? (vis exceeded resources)



I have a date dimension table created from the date field of my data.  One of the fields in that date table is "WeekNo",WEEKNUM([Date]).


When I add this to a table visual, it will no longer display the data (in desktop either actually), giving the "Visual has exceeded the available resources" message in Service and "Can't display the visual" in desktop.


The date table only has dates from Jan 1 to Dec 31 2018, and my data only has 3000 rows, so it's not like I have a ton of data or dates causing the issue.


Any thoughts anyone has so that I can display this data alongside my other fields would be greatly appreciated.


Below is the DAX for my date table at this time:


DimDate_ProjectLinesDateCreated = ADDCOLUMNS(
  DATE(YEAR(MIN(ProjectLines[CreatedDate])), 1, 1),
  DATE(YEAR(MAX(ProjectLines[CreatedDate])), 12, 31)
"DateAsInteger", FORMAT ( [Date], "YYYYMMDD" ),
"Year", YEAR ( [Date] ),
"MonthNo", FORMAT ( [Date], "MM" ),
"MonthYear", FORMAT ([Date],"MMM-YY"),
"YearMonthNo", FORMAT ( [Date], "YYYY/MM" ),
"YearMonth", FORMAT ( [Date], "YYYY/mmm" ),
"MonthShort", FORMAT ( [Date], "mmm" ),
"MonthLong", FORMAT ( [Date], "mmmm" ),
"WeekDayNo", WEEKDAY ( [Date] ),
"WeekDay", FORMAT ( [Date], "dddd" ),
"WeekDayShort", FORMAT ( [Date], "dddd" ),
"Quarter", "Q" & FORMAT ( [Date], "Q" ),
"YearQuarter", FORMAT ( [Date], "YYYY" ) & "/Q" & FORMAT ( [Date],"Q" )

Many thanks,



Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: WEEKNUM in Date Dimension table kills visual? (vis exceeded resources)

Hi @dparkinson,


I can't reproduce your issue. I test with your formula with date column from another table, it works well.(result table has 40k records)


Can you please share more detailed information to help us clarify your scenario?

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In addition, which version you test? 32bit or 64bit?


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin Sheng
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